Step-by-Step Techniques
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Thursday, 27 August 2009


Mark is collaborating with FOCI Glass in Minneapolis, MN

to create hand-blown drinking glasses

 using our kiln-formed cookies


cookie molds


Mark starts with metal molds

and fills them with glass chunks, stringers and rods



cookies after firing

cookies ready to fire in the kiln














 The cookies are placed in the kiln

and heated to 1500 degrees F  


ready to be blown out


The completed cookies will be taken to the hot-shop

where gaffers will blow them into drinking glasses



 Check back to see the gaffers at work...



Cookies and blown glasses in kiln


The cookies were reheated in the kiln to 1100 degrees F

and placed on a collared blow pipe



gaffer shapes the glass

glory hole reheat
















Mark and several gaffers

 took turns blowing cookies out




glass glob

glass on the punty


















Thank you to FOCI gaffers Michael Boyd, David Royce,

and Andrew Thompson for their participation in this project.




The finished drinking glasses

were easy on the eyes



Collection of blown glassesgaffer: David Royce





















gaffer: Andrew Thompson

gaffer: Andrew Thompson





















The glasses were part of the

FOCI Glass Cup Sale,

a Springboard for the Arts fundraiser



This project was completed earlier in the year...


Mark has just started work on a fused / leaded chapel window for the

Benedictine Living Community in Saint Peter, MN.



Benedictine colored sketch


Mark began with a full-scale color sketch.

He is now creating the fused pieces to incorporate into the window.


Angel Beginnings



 Dove Detail

Unfused Eagle Detail
















 Eagle in KilnWindow Components



















We ran into some difficulty with this project when a power outage struck mid-firing in the middle of the night. We lost two complete panels, but it allowed us to see how we could make changes that would improve the appearance of the window.



Power outage destroys panel

Panel Ready to Fire in Kiln




















We're back on track now, and the project is progressing well. The pre-fused elements (eagle, angel, etc) are set in place on the panels. The background (trees, water, etc) are now being added in the form of powdered and ground glass and some torched pieces.


 Panel Layout

Fused Angel















Work begins on the water

Adding Backgrounds to Panels


















 All of the panels have been successfully fired in the kiln. 

We've leaded the panels together to complete the window.

It is now ready to be transported to the site and installed.



Completed wondow on bench



Completed window on bench (Detail)




 The window is now installed in the chapel at the

Benedictine Living Community of Saint Peter

Saint Peter, MN


Installed Window



Detail of installed windowEagle detail in installed window
















We hope you've enjoyed watching this project as it has progressed!


Project Update (next page)...





 Blessing by the bishop



This past March, the bishop traveled to Saint Peter

to bless the window and chapel space in a ceremony

at the Benedictine Living Community.



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